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Dart League Information

Winter 2023 Dart Leagues


Combo – Mix of 01 games and cricket games.  6:30pm start time, Handicapped


Women’s League – 2 woman teams – 15 games total, There will be a mix of team 301 OI/OO freeze, team 501 one score, team cricket 200, singles 501 OI/OO, and team 701 OI/DO.

York Cricket – cricket 200 and wildcard cricket.  7:30pm start time, Handicapped


x01 league – x01 with the freeze rule.  7:30pm start time, Handicapped


2-Man Combo – Doubles format NO HANDICAP.  15 games consisting of 301 di/do (split bull 25/50), 501 0i/00 (full bull 50/50), 701 oi/oo (full bull 50/50), and Cricket 200. Singles and doubles games.  7:30pm start time


Mixed Combo – 2 women 2 men – Mix of 01 games and cricket games.  7:30pm start time, Handicapped


Questions: please contact Bryan at